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Why to use captcha code or image verification code on your website?

CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart’.Captcha Image verification,Captcha Image,Image Verification Code these are the names which represent Captcha code. And it is the code which keeps machines and humans apart. You must have seen captcha verification somewhere while newsletter subscription, online registration, placing orders, filling surveys and e-commerce transactions,and the most common place while making sign up on any social networking website. And you would be thinking why we have to do this captcha verification. These are the ways to save website from spam attack,malicious attack and if some computer is filling the forms and other malicious activities.
Occasionally you receive thus irritated whenever you are verifying several captcha image over and over plus you cannot receive the captcha verification correct, how irritating it feels, and just how much time intensive, nobody has the time to test over and over with create capcha verification. There are great deal of websites that will help you for any work,like if you need with create a account over facebook plus you may be having the condition with all the captcha verification code,moreover you’ll try with check captcha code 2 with 3 occasions,but when issue persists,i am certain you’ll change with other social networking website can be twitter or orkut. So both the things are necessary

To have captcha image on your website to verify whether it is some machine or human.

And to have captcha verification in a way that it should be clear to the visitors and users,so that a human can read code verification code.

To make your website comfortable to humans and uncomfortable for automated bots.

Captcha image also saves us from having automated Internet bot attack,automated bots are useful in some kind of commercial promotions,but it can also be used for harassment or for some malicious activities. Captcha verification is too important to have it on your website,some advantages of captcha code are given below:-

The Image Verification Code prevents fake comment spams which are posted on some blog by some unethical SEO companies,to get more number of visitors and to increase their ranking.
The Image Verification Code saves free e-mail services like Google,yahoo,rediff from Internet bots that could create thousands of signal up inside a minute.
Image Verification Code equally hides the e-mail address within the internet extractor that gather thousands of e-mail addresses plus send volume spam.
Captcha Code Verification assures which just people could fill the reports plus vote the polls.
Captcha Image Verification prevents the attack of automated Internet bots that constantly try new word with break a password.
Captcha Code Verification equally prevents fake orders that is located by automated software.
Above are the points that show the value of image verification code or you are able to state captcha image verification,captcha code or captcha image. And the key thing is the fact that it is very not a fuss with have captcha code about the webpage. If wish To prevent Internet automated bots by including captcha image verification or image verification code by enlisting the site. Image verification code plus script is FREE with utilize about a website.

Why to use captcha code or image verification code on your website?
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